Here are just a few of the new models that Kawasaki will be showcasing at the 2018 shows!  Stop by their booth to see their full-line up!


A Legend is Born

Conceived in homage to the legendary Z1, the newest Z is a synthesis of the traditional and the modern.

An engine with a traditional In-Line Four configuration is backed by Kawasaki’s latest rider support technology. 

For riders searching for a bike with character and a rich history, the Z900RS offers both in abundance, while providing an opportunity to slow down, look around and enjoy the simple things that life can bring. 

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Ninja 400

Street Born, Track Inspired

Get ahead with class-leading power and performance with the all-new Ninja 400.

Clad in sharp new Ninja styling, the Ninja 400 has an engine and chassis that are more powerful and significantly lighter than its Ninja 300 predecessor. 

Its stronger engine performance, light, predictable handling and relaxed, sporty riding position make the Ninja 400 both fun and easy to ride.  Your ride to greatness starts here.  

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Ninja H2 SX

Supercharge Your Journey

With the third iteration of Kawasaki's unique supercharged family, the H2 SX, Kawasaki brings the powerful sensory experience of a supercharged engine to sport touring.

While none of the exhilarating forced induction performance feeling is missing, the Balanced Supercharged Engine is tuned for everyday street-riding situations and is joined with superior fuel economy. 

The all new Ninja H2 SX comes in two model variants: the standard Ninja H2 SX and the Ninja H2 SX SE.

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Taking Riders to New Places

Kawasaki's dual purpose motorcycle returns with improved performance and rideability.  

Borrowing notes from the KX line and Kawasaki’s racing heritage, this 2018 street legal, dual-purpose motorcycle is designed to cut through the busy traffic of an inner city or climb up a back trail to see the city from a beautiful view.

The long awaited return of one of Kawasaki’s most versatile motorcycles, the 2018 KLX250.

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