Here are just a few of the new models that Can-Am showcased at the 2019 shows!

Can-Am Ryker

A New Way to Ride

With three wheels that are unlike anything anyone on the open road has ever witnessed, the all-new Can-Am Ryker is here to redefine riding.  Everything about Can-Am Ryker is new; new feel, new name, new look, new experience.  From the road-ready look of its minimalist architecture, exposed mechanical elements, and improved power-to-weight ratio, all point to a no nonsense approach and confident performance.

Can-Am Ryker features an optimized center-of-gravity, ensuring you’re always in complete control.

Can-Am Ryker equipped with the Rotax 900 ACE engine offers performance-minded drivers and novices alike an exciting new Sport Mode.

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Can-Am Ryker Rally Edition

Ride Outside the Lines

Take your ride off of the pavement and unleash it on even more playgrounds. Flip on Rally Mode for an unparalleled drifting experience on gravel or whatever else comes your way.

Not all roads are created equal, so from paved to unpaved and everywhere in between, feel comfortable taking your ride out for a rip wherever you want. 

Can-Am Ryker Rally Edition comes ready to grip gravel, travel with a bigger load, and deliver a ride to match any road. Its custom rally tires are more durable, and deliver more precise handling over a wider range of terrain, while its rear structure provides more cargo capacity and an easier 1+1 conversion.

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Can-Am Spyder F3-S Special Series

Sporty Performance

Hit the open road with the Spyder F3-S Special Series and when you want to turn things up a notch, the low center of gravity, higher-performance shocks and Sport Mode are ready.

As soon as you twist the throttle, you'll feel the power kick in. The Spyder F3-S Special Series features 115hp (10hp more than the base F3) and 96 lb-ft of torque. It has the best power-to-weight ratio in the Can-Am Spyder lineup, which is perfect for spirited riding or a relaxing cruise down the highway.

“Special” only begins to describe its distinctively aggressive, sporty appearance.  It leaves a first impression others can only follow.

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Can-Am Spyder RT Limited

Always Travel First-Class

Experience unrivaled touring comfort in luxury that fits your style. The Spyder RT Limited features integrated, vehicle-optimized smartphone apps, a long-distance seat, and many more features designed for the ultimate adventure.

Keep your belongings safe and protected with trademark lockable, watertight front, side and rear compartments and a glove box for a total of 155 L (41 gal.) of cargo capacity.

This vehicle is calibrated to pull a Can-Am Freedom Trailer (566 L / 150 gal. of cargo capacity) so you can bring everything you need for your adventure. 

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