Here are just a few of the new models that Moto Guzzi showcased at the 2019 shows!

V85 TT Adventure

Awaken your Urge for Travel

The new V85 platform, built around an entirely new engine, reflects a construction philosophy in which simplicity, practicality and lightness make for an unfiltered relationship between motorcycle and rider. The TT acronym, meaning “tutto terreno”, or all-terrain, it identifies a motorcycle dedicated to travel in its purest and most original form. 

Moto Guzzi V85 TT combines style features reminiscent of the golden age of motorcycle adventures with the content and functionality of a modern touring enduro. Its configuration mirrors that of all Moto Guzzi bikes in production today: an air-cooled transverse 90° V twin with OHV distribution and two valves per cylinder.

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Flying Fortress

The most expressive, rich and technological of the 1400cc grand cruisers built at Mandello del Lario. It is the latest distinguished representative of a line begun in 1921 when Moto Guzzi started building unique motorcycles, strictly assembled by hand, as unique collector's items. The MGX-21, with its bold looks, and technological and performance is dedicated to lovers of exclusive motorcycles, to people who know how to get excited even before they embark on a journey, simply by giving themselves over to the majesty that this prestigious Italian bike emanates, even from a standstill.

With a Bluetooth entertainment system, sidebags, and modern amenities like cruise control, ride-by-wire throttle, 3 engine maps, ABS, and traction control, the MGX-21 is also ready to seek out your furthest destination, while turning heads at every one.

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